متابعة الوضع الفلاحي الراهن والاستعدادات للموسم القادم

في لقاء رئيس الحكومة مع رئيس الاتحاد التونسي للفلاحة والصيد البحري: متابعة الوضع الفلاحي الراهن والاستعدادات للموسم القادم

التقى السيد يوسف الشاهد رئيس الحكومة مع السيد عبد المجيد الزار رئيس الاتحاد التونسي للفلاحة والصيد البحري .

وتناول اللقاء عموما الوضع الراهن الذي يعيشه قطاع الفلاحة والصيد البحري ونتائج الموسم الفارط و الاستعدادات الجارية للموسم القادم .
كما تطرق اللقاء الى عديد المواضيع و الملفات المطروحة لعل اهمها ملف صندوق الجوائح الطبيعية وملف الارشاد الفلاحي

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  11. Living in Texas, being a CHL holder and owning quite a few firearms as well as a 12000 acre ranch I can tell you that automatic weapons aren’t legal any where. You must have a Class 3 BATF license to own one. It just be manufactured before 1986. Please don’t use complete bull shit to try and make an argument.

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  13. "Pat Buchanan was born in 1938. Was he in favor of blacklisting when he was 12 in 1950, or at age 19 in 1957?"Yes, when he was 12 or even younger. His father told him McCarthy was a good man and Pat believed every word. And later in his career, Buchanan often defended what McCarthy did in the 50s.

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  16. The lines that resonated with me were “The Christian can trust God because he knows He is all-wise, loving, just and holy.  He sees the end from the beggining, so that there is no reason to become panicky when things seem to be going against us”.  I will now go play some bluegrass music to sooth my aching soul.  Love to you boys!  You are keeping the faith once delivered.

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  42. I love this post : ) I’ve never been to HLS. I say it’s because I’m always busy (this year I was, I swear haha) but I think part of me is also really scared, because what you described is exactly what I imagined. All the comparisons, competitions, cliques – basically feeling like I’m in high school again. I’m shy around people I don’t know too, so I can totally understand how you must have felt, but I’m also inspired by your braveness! (that’s not a word.. you know what I mean) Maybe next year I’ll be braver and we can hang out together and be shy together haha 🙂

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  49. Yep. Ditto with Darryl.A couple of your questions have caused extreme discomfort in my blogging ‘career’ and my life, and I’m the richer for them.Sure didn’t seem that way at first though.:^)I understand CS et al misunderstanding you the first time. Maybe even the second. Maybe even the third. After that…arrrgggghhh!Wisdom asks good questions, esteems others, and teaches us when to back away.God bless you on this journey Rachel, it’s terrific tagging along. Blog on!

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  104. Wow, Ellie, you've been taking amazing photos for a long time now! I loved this post. Hubs and I did a road trip, camping from place to place when we first got to OZ, we went from Wagga, down south to Melbourne then down to Lorne, then up to Canberra and finally to Sydney. Still haven't made it to the Top End yet but plannign a trip next year. Oh and great pancakes 🙂

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  112. Love the weaving in this post Ashley…the stairway in the center of the house, the path taking us to the heights and depths of experience and all the middle point stops in between…the flights and the falls…Just a beautifully conceived and written response to Amber’s challenge, Ashley!

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  116. Love everything (except the wall of misery, ha!). Particularly love the flamingo wallpaper, wallpapered stairs, 50s lady portraits, and your whole incredible kitchen. AND the lady's head lamp – I have been looking for one of those myself! Might go for a bunny lamp instead for now though, having found one for £25 less in another store 😉

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  120. Liebe Chanti, ich habe heute das erste Mal kardiert und dann daraus gesponnen. Ich bin so froh, dass es endlich mal klappt, weil ich aus dem Kammzug keinen Faden, der einigermaßen okay war, zustande gebracht habe. Hatte schon echte Zweifel, ob ich das je schaffe. Lieben Dank für deine vielen vielen Tipps! Liebe Grüße viele

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  123. This is such a moving post…it made me cry! We sponsor a little girl named Martha Zerihun. I hope I will be able to travel to Ethiopia again soon so I can meet her. She is such a part of my heart even though I’ve only seen her picture. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  124. Another quality review TC. I can accept the 3.5. I think the hype was to much for Wayne to live up too. “let the beat build ” was good. He could have came stronger. “Comfortable” going to be a hit second single. i don’t know who green lite “Police Officer”. He was trying to hard to be different on “Phone Home”. The album was far from trash and far from great. It was good. Gotta admit the young boy has improved on each album so far. He might have to make a 4th trip to the carter.

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  127. I am glad that something is at last being done. My concern is whether it will make a difference. I am really worried that it is far too late and the same persons that are complaining like crazy about the costs (finacial) will still be complaining when the predictions start coming true (as if they aren’t already). And of course they will blame the govt, which in part is fair enough, but gee whiz.Why is it that the majority expect to have it both ways. Fix the problem now (whatever it is, healthcare, education, climate change), but don’t make me pay for it.

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  131. I follow you on twitter (and retweeted your giveaway). I don’t do facebook though, sorry, too many time-sucks in my life already Thank you so much for your giveaway, I just read your review the other day and had left the tab open to research more when I had a minute, always looking for some good resources!

  132. Brian.. if you could get a blocked 3 rd mag, you could use it, couldn’t you? Or are all semi-autos (outside of shotguns) still blocked? Actually.. if it uses the two-rod gas system you could just take the front rod out (or leave the rod out entirely) and then it’s a single shot. (I had a friend who used to drive game wardens nuts, by hunting with an SKS with no op-rod in it)

  133. yes, I realized there was nothing to worry about anymore. If you put all your effort into something and are pleased with the results then it’s good enough Writer’s are weird creatures that are never really pleased with anything we accomplish (being perfectionists and all)

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  135. Great post! No one talked about sex or intimacy when I was growing up. I learned about it in sex Ed. In middle school, and overheard peers who were sexually active describe it. It was a taboo subject in my family. One day in counseling with our Pastor, he caught me off guard and asked me how often my husband and I have sex? My husband and I were having so many problems and I was shocked bc I was just so used to sex being a hushed topic. I love that our church encourages healthy sex/intimacy between married couples

  136. oh i think book 5 did not come out yet i think.. :/ aways hi real lulu it so cool to meet u! i HOPE u see this and btw my name alex but my bbfs call me hope case i have hope in a peploe .w. so yea that my nick name u can call my that if u want ok baai! i have hope in u all lol

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  148. Agreement with everyone above. But I can especially relate to Mieneke's Lackey-love there. I love Mercedes Lackey's books. If she's written it, then there's a good chance I'll enjoy it. But that doesn't mean that I can't acknowledge that her books have flaws, or that she's written some stuff that's dull and tedious to read. But I'll still squee like a fangirl whenever I get a new book of hers!

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  214. I don’t want to shame anyone. That’s why I tried to phrase things in terms of *possible* actions. I didn’t write “If you shop at Walmart, you’re a bad person.” Perhaps I should have addressed that more. I want everyone to earn a living wage so that they don’t have to rely on Walmart’s low prices. I know we can’t get there all in one step.

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  230. Abby Lane:Are you capable of focusing on the editorial at hand? The quesion at hand, just as a reminder, is unambiguous plagierism by an administration official – and the consequences that has for students and faculty at ISU.Or is your anger at perceived slights so great that all you can do is “call out” people that are on the opposite side of this struggle for ISU’s “soul”? What’s next, a brawl in the streets?Just wondering.

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  240. i think you're right–my memory is hazy for that whole race. general exhaustion had me riding past the barriers at one point, where i had to double back in order to get back on the course. still, fun in retrospect. it was my first season and i'm totally hooked. see you next year

  241. Our reputation is so bad some don’t want us relocating in their states because they think we will bring our corruption with us.There is some reality to that. A former legislator took his fat state pension and moved to Florida where it cost a lot less than the mess he helped create here. Then he tried running for a city council there. The Florida people were smart enough to reject him.

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